Summer Vacations Places to Visit in Ladakh with Family

July 25, 2023

Long considered off-limits and arduous to visit, Ladakh is fast evolving into one of the most exotic and desired vacation spots in the world. As traditionally preferred destinations like Switzerland and the Mediterranean Riviera become overcrowded, overpriced, and downright unsafe, a new breed of younger, more aware, and more grounded tourists are blazing a trail to the highland hinterland.

Long repressed due to the war in Siachen, exaggerated risks, and an acute lack of airports, Ladakh is now blossoming like a flower and accepting tourists with open arms. The government has thankfully realized the unfathomable beauty and uniqueness of this magical land and is now encouraging tourists with a bouquet of new facilities.

Earlier, tourists were forbidden to go up to the border by the Indian Army for security reasons but since then, peace has broken out and all areas are now easily accessible to anyone who wants to visit. Ironically, the border areas of Ladakh are amongst the prettiest and most entrancing as this is where the fabled Nubra Valley is located.

Nubra is a strange place that feels like another planet altogether. Pristine and surreal, the unique geography of Nubra creates skyscapes and landscapes, unlike anything you have ever seen before. Its beauty has been the subject of wild stories that have infiltrated Western culture since the time of the ancient Greeks while its stillness and serenity urged the monks of the erstwhile Tibetan Empire to adopt it as their preferred place to meditate.

How to travel to Ladakh

Nowadays, one does not have to endure the hardships and serpentine routes that travelers from Mongolia and Central Asia had to suffer through to get to Ladakh. There is a direct flight from Delhi to Leh, the capital of Ladakh and then one can take a cab to go to Nubra or the other valleys that adorn this ancient land like an oasis amidst a sea of mountains.

One can also drive to Leh but that route is not recommended because it is fraught with uncertainties and risk. Although there has been a marked improvement in the roads leading up to Leh, it is common for Mother Nature to periodically block this route, leading to dangerous delays and tiring detours. If you do plan to drive, make sure you are well-equipped, well-versed, and ready for adventure.

Once you reach Leh, it is highly recommended to rest and acclimatize for a few days to adjust to the high altitude. You can use this time to visit some of the great sights in and around Leh and to orient yourself to the Ladakhi way of life as a foreshadowing and preparation of what is about to come your way. After resting, you can take a cab and head towards Nubra Valley.

Where to Stay

The flavor and tone of your vacation will depend on where you stay. Therefore, it is important to stay in a Resort that exemplifies and amplifies the wonders of Ladakh instead of a modern resort that is divorced from the land and its people. With this in mind, we have identified one of the best resorts in Nubra Valley that provides an authentic and enriching experience for its guests.

This resort is called Lchang Nang RetreatThe House of Trees and is located on the side of Nubra which is quieter and cleaner. It is owned by a family from Nubra Valley and employs mostly local people who are deeply tied to the traditions and ethos of Ladakh. Here, one can experience all the things that make this place a travel treasure.

What makes Lchang Nang Retreat special are the carefully curated experiences and activities that the resort has designed for guests. Here, you can take a trip to the dunes of a cold desert or participate in guided meditation at an ancient Buddhist Monastery. You can sample authentic Ladakhi cuisine and interact with locals at a traditional Ladakhi village.

The Lchang Nang Retreat is also good for your conscience since it operates along the principles of sustainability and green tourism. It is constructed from local materials that minimize waste and keep you warm while most of its energy needs are harnessed from the sun using solar panels and heat retention technology.

The underlying theme of the resort is nothing short of spiritual awakening and wellness for body, mind, and soul. With an advanced Spa and Wellness center and many soul-stirring activities, a stay here is sure to awaken grownups and children alike to the wonders of nature and ignite curiosities about things that they have never seen or considered before. So the next time you think of going on a family vacation to spend time together in the lap of nature, consider Ladakh and its myriad offerings.  It never disappoints.