Lchang nang retreat

The House of Trees


live amidst nature

Cocooned in snug Himalayan silences, sleep comes blissful here. 17 individual cottages, created in the local architectural style using mud, stone and poplar, are accessed through a footpath. Each cottage connects to a private garden and sit-out.

Once in a lifetime


Nubra once lay along the famous Silk Route. The merchants and their winding caravanserais, loaded with exotic bolts of silk, are long gone. Still gracing the land however, are ancient monasteries and fertile villages with handsome homes, set amidst groves of poplars and fields of barley, scattered along riverbeds where a handful of Bactrian camels graze.


& Yoga

We provide treatments that are rooted in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition yet reflects our Himalayan settings. While the treatments relax, pamper and rejuvenate they are designed for balancing the five elements and are reflected in the form of health, harmony, beauty, and joy.


Things to do

Choose a pace that matches your inner self. If activity is your métier, we can arrange walks, picnics and excursions to any of the numerous sites that make this part of the world so enthralling. Day trips are made easy with the help of our travel desk – leave early morning and return in the evening to the tranquility and comfort of Lchang Nang Retreat. Just let us know and all will be done to make your days buzz.


Eat the natural way

Discover a bounty of natural produce, mostly sourced locally each day. Hark back to the simple joys of seasonal eating!


A Vision For A
Sustainable Future

Owned by the illustrious Kalon family of Nubra and built on the family’s grazing lands on the banks of the Siachen, Lchang Nang aims to play a role in reducing carbon footprint.

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