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Lchang nang retreat


Lchang Nang is a destination created for travellers in search of peace and tranquility. Combining comfort and simplicity, it pays homage to its local heritage via its links to the local community and the local culture. Our library, still at a budding stage, offers a unique collection of archives on the local fauna, wildlife, Buddhist culture and Silk Route history .

Lchang Nang aims to play a role in reducing Ladakh’s carbon footprint. The retreat is fully solar powered and plastic containers are kept to a minimum. In the coming years we plans to grow and source most of its operational needs locally. Lchang Nang also maintains a vision for a sustainable future through eco-conscious initiatives. For example, the property is primarily powered through solar energy, which is plentiful in sunny Ladakh. We also offer our guests filtered glacial snowmelt for both drinking and bathing purposes, reducing our reliance on single use plastics.


The House of Trees


Lchang Nang is owned by an old Ladakhi family, the Kalons, who have lived in Teggar village for generations and have owned the 25 acres we are located on for many decades. Four years ago, the eldest son Rigzin Kalon launched an Eco Resort Initiative called Lchang Nang, “The House of Trees.”
The Lchang Nang concept is based in respect for the past, with an eye to the future. The kiss of Ladakhi culture can be seen throughout the architecture, techniques for maintaining the grounds, as well as the cuisine. The family also owns and operates apricot orchards, offering homemade products to guests who are looking for authentic souvenirs from the area (apricot jam, apricot oil, roasted barley, and an expanding line of other products).

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