Ladakh Wellness Experiences

July 11, 2023

We are living in the age of wellness. Nowadays, there is a great awakening and a growing realization that health and wellbeing are the most important commodities. This has led to a global explosion in the demand for wellness destinations that are interesting, educational and healing at the same time. Surprisingly, at the top of the list is a Buddhist land high up in the Himalayas called Ladakh.

Ladakh is an unlikely candidate for this growing global attention because it is not the archetypical tourist destination. This singularly stark, barren and cold highland is mired in lore and legend and has remained an exotic and unattainable dream for many. This is changing fast due to improved infrastructure and a decision by government to lift the security blanket and normalize travel to Ladakh.

Now, a steady and burgeoning stream of Indian and International tourists are making their way to Ladakh and taking home tales of unbelievable sights, immersive solitude and an enchanting culture of peace, wisdom and mindful care. Even without engaging in any activity to enhance one’s wellbeing, just being in Ladakh seems to have a calming and curative effect on people.

A Land of Wellness

The Ladakhi people are truly unique. Unlike other places, the most important factor that has shaped their culture, lifestyle and belief system is their unique environment. Perched high above the Himalayas, the harsh and omnipresent forces of nature are a constant and humbling reminder of mankind’s place in the grand scheme of things and the importance of living in harmony with one’s surroundings instead of in conflict with it.

In Ladakh, you have to be wise and take good care of yourself in order to survive. As a result, Ladakhi culture and values seem to have evolved to treasure health and wellbeing. Visitors have described the natives as healthy, energetic, rosy-cheeked, peaceful and cautious. They are usually well attired and warmly dressed and not prone to fits of anger or excitement. For many, this is the perfect place for a retreat from the modern world.

Wellness Resorts in Ladakh

While a journey to Ladakh can itself be an enriching and healing event, many resorts now offer especially designed and carefully curated activities that guide guests to the best and most hidden treasures of this enchanting land and steer them through some unique once-in-a-lifetime journeys that stay with you long after you leave Ladakh.

One of the best-known and most widely respected  Wellness Resorts in Ladakh is the Lchang Nang Retreat – The House of Trees. A stay at this luxurious and unique landmark resort is a fascinating experience in itself but the resort also offers some amazing signature wellness experiences for guests that typify the characteristic serene and mindful feeling that one gets in Ladakh.

Located within the picturesque and famous Nubra Valley, known for its pristine beauty and historical significance, Lchang Nang is an eco-resort that prides itself on its sustainable and mindful policies designed to minimize its carbon footprint using a mix of traditional and cutting-edge solutions.

For example, the resort is constructed using native know how and materials that are surprisingly comfortable and warm in winter and uses Solar Power for most of its energy requirements. The resort is also locally owned and employs members from the local communities. This leads to an authentic and incisive stay where guest see and learn the Ladakhi way firsthand.

Wellness Activities and Experiences

What makes Lchang Nang truly special are the assisted experiences that expose guests to a myriad of Ladakhi delights that would otherwise remain undiscovered and unseen had it not been for the knowledge and expertise of the Resort and their willingness to patiently and mindfully share it with their guests.

From miraculously healing hot springs to crystal-clear lakes and from guided Yoga at ancient monasteries to sundowners over the sand dunes of a “cold desert,” there is so much to do here that even seasoned travellers will be bowled over by the sheer beauty and cultural depth of this land. Here are some of the best and most exciting experiences that one can get at the Lchang Nang Retreat:

YOGA AT YARAB TSO: Yoga session at one of the holiest high altitude lakes in Nubra Valley, with a picturesque view in the middle of nowhere.

MINDFULNESS & YOGA AT THE MONASTERY: A chance to reconnect with yourself through our tailor-made mindfulness program in collaboration and with the blessings of Samstanling Monastery.

SUNSET YOGA AT THE SAND DUNES: A yoga session at the tri-junction of three mountain ranges with an amazingly vast expanse of green fields in front of the Nubra and Shyok rivers.

YOGA AND MEDITATION AT ENSA MONASTARY: A transformative yoga and meditation session at one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh: Ensa Monastery overlooking the scenic Nubra Valley.

SPA: Rejuvenate and rediscover yourself with our local spa rituals using indigenous ingredients and time tested authentic therapeutic practices. At the House of Trees, we believe in holistic wellness that connects your mind, body and soul to nature.

If you are planning to visit Ladakh, these signature experiences and many others will ensure that you have a fulfilling and satisfying trip. The bespoke luxury and mindful service at the Lchang Nang retreat is sure to make you comfortable while providing a base to explore the fabled Nubra Valley and beyond on your journey to wellness and balance.