Best Honeymoon Packages In Ladakh

February 15, 2023

We all want to make this time as special as possible and hope that the destination we pick ensures a smooth ride ahead. While there are destinations aplenty, one location is becoming exceeding popular. Ladakh honeymoon packages are now very much in vogue. Why?

Everyone only gets one honeymoon (usually) and we all want a blissful and happy journey that will make everlasting memories and form a solid base for our life together. Gone are the days of status symbol travels to Europe or novelty activities that tend to age poorly.

Couples nowadays are above all that. What they want is to spend some quality time together to recover from the wedding, plan ahead and get to really know each other. For these reasons, a secluded spot is better than a busy party place.


Why Ladakh?

Ladakh has come up as one of the premier and most tasteful places to travel to, especially for young people. Getting there is hard and the feeling of persevering together against the colossal forces of nature is pervasive. Isn’t that what married life is about?

For couples nowadays, Ladakh represents the best of India. It is a land steeped in history and culture that provides plenty of opportunity for adventure and activity while providing seclusion, solace and succor unlike anywhere else on planet earth. For a honeymoon that focuses on the individuals involved, in the midst of a magical planet, Ladakh is perfect.


What to do?

Honeymoons are private affairs guided by personal preferences. However, in our attempt to assist, we will endeavor to untangle some practical matters and try to determine the best way to make your honeymoon in Ladakh a success.

First of all, there are two types of honeymooners. Those who want to spend time with each other and those who have already had ample opportunity and are now looking to experience new things. For both these categories of newly weds, Ladakh is the perfect choice.

In Ladakh, you can get desolate isolation far away from the madding crowd as well as engage in plenty of activities and experiences. Visitors can go for Trekking, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Snow Walking, Skiing, Tobogganing, Yoga Classes, Stargazing, Orchard Picking, Cooking Classes, Buddhism Classes, Cold Desert Safari, Swimming, Monastery Visits, River Rafting, Yak Safari, Quad Biking, Snow Leopard Safari and much more.


Where to Stay?

Going through resorts in Ladakh to pick the right one can be a tedious exercise. While there are many hotels in the Ladakhi region, few make the cut as magical or fantastic. Honeymooners want something out of the world and away from the trivialities of life.

One resort that is internationally known to capture the true essence of Ladakh is the Lchang Nang Retreat – The House of Trees. This is a great resort located on the right side of Nubra Valley. For many, this resort provides the most authentic Ladakhi experience and a lesson in sustainability and cultural preservation.

Most importantly, the resort has an air of magic and enchantment about it that is hard to describe but easy to recognize and experience. For honeymooners, it is the perfect place, a piece of heaven where one realizes how amazing and divine life can be.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Do any romantic hotels in Ladakh offer free breakfast?

Ans. Yes. Some romantic hideaways and resort hotels in Ladakh offer free breakfast for guests, as the out-of-resort options for meals may be limited and hard to access. For example, the Lchang Nang Retreat offers a complete honeymoon package with breakfast and other frills.

Q2. What are the best romantic hotels in Ladakh?

Ans. Lchang Nang Retreat – The House of Trees is the best romantic hotel in Ladakh. Surrounded by pristine and unspoiled natural beauty and set amid the surreal and sublime landscaped of Nubra Valley, this resort is ideal for couples and honeymooners.

Q3. Can I go to Ladakh for a honeymoon?

Ans. Yes. Ladakh has become quite popular for Honeymooners as it affords seclusion, natural beauty and overlooks sublime landscapes. The cold climes and peaceful people of the place are an added advantage.

Q4. Is Ladakh good for couples?

Ans. Yes. Ladakh is perfect for couples as it affords them seclusion, safety and sublime landscapes and pristine natural beauty. Many resorts here offer special honeymoon packages that include couple activities, romantic rides and special room decorations.

Q5. Where to stay in Ladakh for honeymoon?

Ans. The best place to stay in Ladakh for honeymooners is the Lchang Nang Retreat – The House of Trees. It is a beautiful resort nestled in the midst of pristine natural beauty on the virgin side of Nubra Valley.