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Ladakh | 5 Day Journey


Between the Nubra and Shyok Rivers lies an enchanting valley that whisks visitors away from the ordinary and towards the truly extraordinary. The land here is fertile with elements that have nurtured life since time immemorial but is also fertile with magic, enchantment and wonder.

April through October

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Arrive at Kushok Bakula Airport in Leh, located 3500m above sea level! Transfer to a hotel in Leh and rest until afternoon for proper acclimatization and then have a leisurely lunch at the hotel. After lunch we will visit Shanti Stupa & Leh Palace. Then we will explore the local market and return to the hotel for an overnight stay in Leh.

Peruse the iconic Shanti Stupa, the most popular and recognizable symbol of Leh. Built jointly by Japanese and Ladakhi Buddhists, this monument is a testament to world peace through mindfulness. Gaze upon the panoramic views afforded from the stupa overlooking Leh and surrounding areas. Bask in the sacred ambience inside and explore the artistic and historic artifacts stored here.

Enter a bygone era as you step inside the nearby Leh Palace. Built in 1600, this 9 story impressive edifice stores and showcases some truly incredible and illustrious works of art that exemplify Ladakhi and Buddhist Culture. The Tibetan Thangpa or Paintings are especially gorgeous with profound colours achieved by crushed gemstones. A perfect place to start your Ladakhi expedition.

Later in the evening, walk around the local markets in Leh to get a feel for the people and mood before returning to the hotel and turning in for the night.

JJulley! Your personal driver awaits to take you to our divine abode. Arrive at The Lchang Nang Retreat after crossing the high altitude mountain pass called Khardung-La, which is a gateway to the enchanting landscapes of Nubra & Shyok Valleys.

Upon your arrival at our resort, you will be greeted with a warm smile & a welcome drink made of Sea Buckthorn, a local berry known to be a potent superfood. Get oriented with our property and check-in to your cosy cottage as we make you comfortable in our serene haven.

Have a hearty lunch at our restaurant specially prepared to welcome you to our resort. You can then relax for a couple of hours and acquaint yourself with your new surroundings before your spiritual journey begins.

Take a leisurely stroll through our local village, which leads up to an immersive experience at a 400 year-old snapshot of a bygone era - the Old House Museum. Meet the local folks, drink hot Butter Tea and taste a variety of local snacks including the region’s famous local brew - Chang.

Experience authentic Ladakhi Hospitality and learn the intricacies of how a traditional Ladakhi kitchen functions. Immerse yourself in conversations around the history of the region and its people.The kitchen is primarily a museum which is maintained by a local women’s self help group that is supported by an initiative led by Lchang Nang.

Depending on the season, we curate a variety of immersive experiences which grounds you deeply into the land of Ladakh. From hand-picking sweet and juicy fruits in our expansive organic orchards to harvesting local produce with Ladakhi farmers, you will experience escapades that render smiles and create cherished memories.

Now it’s time to head back to Lchang Nang for an invigorating Spa session to help you relax and enjoy your pleasant evening.

After a long day of travel, head to the Spa for a pampering session to rejuvenate the weary traveller in you. In a serene and spirit-restful environment, our indigenous wellness packages instil peace and beauty to your visage using age-old heirloom wisdom honed to perfection over millennia.Our Spa Rituals are performed by seasoned massage therapists using indigenous ingredients and time-tested therapeutic practices that aim to connect your mind, body and soul to nature.

As the sun begins to set and the temperature dips, it is customary in Ladakh to light up a bonfire for guests and gather around for a sharing of ideas, experiences and gossip. Watch the eternal dance of the flames as the bright stars of Ladakh begin to peek through the darkness and illuminate the valley. For a more intimate experience, you may request for a personal bonfire around your cottage.

After the bonfire, have dinner slowly. Relish a royal range of diverse delicacies as you sample an ever-changing assortment of epicurean delights. Let the rich aromas and flavours of an ancient culinary tradition entice you while the food provides the fire that fuels your journey. After dinner, the exploration continues with a spectacular stargazing session that seeks to sample the skies of Nubra.

Unbeknownst to most, Nubra Valley is God's gift to astronomers. It is said to be one of the best sites for Stargazing in the world. Its unique geography, crystal clear air and high elevation make it the perfect place to spot shooting stars, connect constellations and gaze at galaxies.

Let our experienced guide and high-powered telescope help you explore the heavens. Marvel at sights unseen and learn the secrets of the universe as you take breathtakingly beautiful photographs amid a backdrop of heavenly bodies and cosmic colours. The marvellous shots taken here will amaze others and morph into valuable keepsakes.

Absorb the serenity and stillness of Ladakh with a session of Yin Yoga at the resort as you enjoy the infinite views of Nubra. From our Sun Room or an outdoor spot of your choosing, you can admire undulating landscapes as our trained instructor finesses the finer aspects of this ancient practice that lies at the soul of the Himalayan experience.

Feast on a scrumptious breakfast assortment of local and international confection that will fuel your journey as you plan your departure. Watch the morning sunshine light up the valley as birds twitter and play around the centuries old Siberian Elm around the restaurant on the last day of your retreat.

After breakfast, you can go for a Mountain Biking adventure along pristine paths with no particular place to go. Wander the wondrous landscapes of Nubra in a self powered journey of discovery that grounds you to the land and provides a visceral way to truly experience this magical place from up close.

After a strenuous bike ride, relax and lounge around the resort. Read a book, play board games at the Sun Room, socialise or simply explore the space within and without as you develop the mindful row-and-release rhythm that is central to travel and also central to the slow moving and profound way of life in Ladakh.

Enjoy an exclusively curated High-Tea experience in the privacy of our valley meadows. Feast on a scrumptious packed picnic lunch while being surrounded by nothing other than the ambient sounds of nature & overlooking serene surroundings under azure skies.

Bask in the warm glow of our bonfire ritual at the end of the day or kindle your own in the privacy of your own cottage. You can reminisce, reflect on your spiritual experiences or revisit your enchantments before going in for a nourishing and wholesome dinner.

A wholesome buffet awaits you with a wide selection amongst Continental, Indian, and Ladakhi dishes at our restaurant. Enjoy slow eating where you savour each bite mindfully, and notice the flavours, textures, and sensations that arise.

Experience the vastness of the cosmos in Nubra Valley, where you can witness the Milky Way Galaxy with your own eyes. Guided meditation will take you on a journey through the infinite, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cosmic sky and forget about the stresses of daily life. It's a moment of pure escapism where you can get lost in the beauty and wonder of the universe.

Wake up to the familiar aromas of tea and herbs wafting down the valley. Start your day the traditional way by sipping hot tea prepared the Ladakhi way as you prepare to embark on yet another epic journey of discovery that will lead you through ancient monasteries, amazing culinary skills and expressive landscapes.

Time for an eclectic breakfast buffet of assorted Ladakhi specialties paired with continental cuisine at our restaurant, as you gaze at the majestic mountains all around. The luxurious breakfast spread is carefully curated to provide a wholesome and energetic boost to an incredible day ahead. Also, don’t forget to try Jimpo (Sea Buckthorn Juice) which is considered to be a superfood.

Learn the subtle art of Momo Making and pick up skills that will impress and amaze your friends back home. Imbibe the proper authentic way to make these ancient treasure dumplings with tips and tricks from experts who have been handed down this heirloom wisdom from elders.

Distinguish hues of Red, White and Gold in the distance as you approach the remote monastery surrounded by solace and stillness. With an unmistakable aura, Samstanling Monastery is one of the most important Gopas in Nubra Valley. Explore its two assembly halls, myriad of artefacts and walls adorned with transcendent paintings.

Relax and rejuvenate at the Spa in the evening with a scrub or massage that is sure to cleanse your mind, body and aura after a gruelling day outdoors. Try traditional remedies and exotic indigenous concoctions that will take you further down the path to wellness and mindfulness that is sure to pave the way for a pleasurable evening ahead.

You can head for an excursion to Turtuk – the very last village of Ladakh at the edge of the L.O.C. Sense a subtle shift in landscape, language and facial features as you will tour an illustrious museum dedicated to the Yabgo Dynasty that once reigned supreme over these hillocks and whose influence can still be felt. This beautiful abode is worth visiting owing to its fascinating history, culture, people & peaceful scenery.

You can also explore a 15th century Heritage Home perfectly preserved along with genuine antiques that illustrate its history and showcase some lesser-known obscurities about Balti culture. This beautiful abode is worth visiting owing to its fascinating history, culture, people & peaceful scenery.

From Khardung-La, drive directly to Diskit Monastery - the oldest and largest Gompa in Nubra Valley - famous for its beautiful architecture, intricate frescos and profound wall paintings. Bask in the Buddhist vibrations of an ancient monument that tells of a peaceful and prophetic culture and admire the artwork that has adorned these walls for aeons.

Explore the famous sand dunes of a high-altitude desert along with shaggy Bactrian Camels and a variety of adventure sports such as sand boarding, ATV rides, camel rides and Ziplines. The silvery sand dunes of Hunder are symbolic of the surreal beauty that can be seen in these parts.

Now it’s time to head back to Lchang Nang for an invigorating Spa session to help you relax and enjoy your pleasant evening.

By now you should have worked up quite an appetite. Go indoors for a lavish feast consisting of local Ladakhi delicacies such as Kothey Momos, Shapaley and Omaskyu. Learn about Ladakhi cooking styles and sample some classic creations by our Master Chef, Chet using only the freshest ingredients and time tested techniques.

Wake up in the lap of nature where the warm glory of sun, cool winds & scenic vistas enlightens your spirit. Begin your day with an aromatic tea as you sip it mindfully with the ambient sounds of birds chirping in your private cottage sit-out.

Absorb the serenity and stillness of Ladakh with a session of Yin Yoga at our resort as you enjoy infinite views of Nubra. From our vast expanses of meadows, you can admire undulating landscapes as our trained instructor finesses the finer aspects of this ancient practice that lies at the soul of the Himalayan experience.

Fuel the day’s adventure with a fine breakfast selection of Continental and Indian dishes. Join us for a hearty breakfast at our restaurant where you can find healthy & nourishing options to begin your day with.

You can also choose to visit the pristine Sumur Sand Dunes & soak in its immaculate vibe on your back from Lchang Nang. This secluded and private natural sanctuary has been a sacred space for the long journeys of slow travellers for centuries. A scenic takeaway as you bid adieu!

With expansive Sand Dunes behind you and the open road ahead, the journey back to Khardung La Pass feels different than it did barely a week ago. The Ladakhi landscape is now alive with meaning and significance that you can sense and take back with you.

A Vision For a Sustainable Future

Lchang Nang Travel is the Travel Desk of Lchang Nang Retreat, Ladakh. We are an eco tour operator & concierge service that will take care of all your travel requirements in Ladakh - including transport, reservations, permits, air service etc. We believe in responsible travel and will help you make the right decision for yourself and for the planet.

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