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Ladakh | 4 Day Journey

Along the Nubra River | 3N-4D

Meandering through the Valley of Flowers is the majestic and intrepid Nubra River. Along the banks of this life-giving artery lies a land that is surreal and sublime. Glimpses of whimsical orchards, stunning flower beds and cold deserts continue to make visitors rejoice in the same way that the caravans of antiquity celebrated their arrival at this oasis of beauty and comfort.

April through October

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Julley! Your personal driver awaits to take you to our divine abode. Arrive at The Lchang Nang Retreat after crossing the high altitude mountain pass called Khardung-La, which is a gateway to the enchanting landscapes of Nubra & Shyok Valleys.

Upon your arrival at our resort, you will be greeted with a warm smile & a welcome drink made of Sea Buckthorn, a local berry known to be a potent superfood. Get oriented with our property and check-in to your cosy cottage as we make you comfortable in our serene haven.

Have a hearty lunch at our restaurant specially prepared to welcome you to our resort. You can then relax for a couple of hours and acquaint yourself with your new surroundings before your spiritual journey begins.

We take a mindful stroll through Sumur’s Local Market as we reach the tri-junction of three majestic mountain ranges with an amazingly vast expanse of green fields in front of the Nubra & Shyok rivers. While the sun sets behind the magnificent mountains, your soul will experience spiritual ascension as our Yoga Instructor, Sophia, helps you finesse the ancient yoga practise. Discover spiritual enlightenment through yoga and meditation in the privacy of Sumur Sand Dunes that for thousands of years have hooked the Yogis.

Return to the resort where you can sit beneath the starry night sky, let the flames of the fire ignite your spirit and kindle your sense of community. Share your stories, listen to others, and let the power of human connection bring you closer to those around you. Watch the eternal dance of the flames as the bright stars of Ladakh begin to peek through the darkness and illuminate the valley. For a more intimate experience, you may request for a personal bonfire around your cottage.

After the bonfire, have dinner slowly. Relish a royal range of diverse delicacies as you sample an ever-changing assortment of epicurean delights. Let the rich aromas and flavours of an ancient culinary tradition entice you while the food provides the fire that fuels your journey. After dinner, the exploration continues with a spectacular stargazing session that seeks to sample the skies of Nubra.

Unbeknownst to most, Nubra Valley is god’s gift to astronomers. It is said to be one of the best sites for Stargazing in the world. Its unique geography, crystal clear air and high elevation make it the perfect place to spot shooting stars, connect constellations and gaze at galaxies.

Let our experienced guide and high-powered telescope help you explore the heavens. Marvel at sights unseen and learn the secrets of the universe as you take breathtakingly beautiful photographs amid a backdrop of heavenly bodies and cosmic colours. The marvellous shots taken here will amaze others and morph into valuable keepsakes.

Good Morning! After a restful sleep amidst Himalayan silences, wake up to exquisite views of majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountains. Simply let the trail lead you to our Ladakhi Tea Station, a central part of the ancient tea tradition of Ladakh that allows a perfunctory gathering at dawn to begin the day on an auspicious note in tune with nature and those around us.

Indulge in the mindful tea drinking ritual as we guide you through the preparation and consumption of tea made with local herbs native to Ladakh. Discover the unique taste and aroma of wonder tea, a locally sourced brand, while learning about the special properties of each herb.

Time for an eclectic breakfast buffet of assorted Ladakhi specialties paired with continental cuisine at our restaurant, as you gaze at the majestic mountains all around. The luxurious breakfast spread is carefully curated to provide a wholesome and energetic boost to an incredible day ahead. Also, don’t forget to try Jimpo (Sea Buckthorn Juice) which is considered to be a superfood.

Join us for a serene and intimate experience at Samstanling monastery, where you will learn the art of mindful living from the monks. We begin the mindful walk from the silk route (where our property is located ) to the beautiful monastery. This spiritual session will begin in the courtyard of the monastery with Yoga to cultivate a sense of zen and inner peace that can benefit your mind, body, and soul. Followed by guided meditation with Geshe (the most learned monk), a highly immersive experience that will unfold the magic of inner peace.

Take this opportunity to slow down, disconnect from the stresses of modern life, and unlock the power of living mindfully. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Ladakh and learn from the wisdom of Buddhist teachings to enhance your well-being and find peace within.

After the mindfulness session, you can embark on the journey along the banks of the Shyok RIver, famous for its tourist attractions & scenic vistas.

You can head for an excursion to Turtuk – the very last village of Ladakh at the edge of the L.O.C. Sense a subtle shift in landscape, language and facial features as you tour an illustrious museum dedicated to the Yabgo Dynasty that once reigned supreme over these hillocks and whose influence can still be felt. This beautiful abode is worth visiting owing to its fascinating history, culture, people & peaceful scenery.

You can also explore a 15th century Heritage Home perfectly preserved along with genuine antiques that illustrate its history and showcase some lesser-known obscurities about Balti culture. This beautiful abode is worth visiting owing to its fascinating history, culture, people & peaceful scenery.

Explore the famous sand dunes of a high-altitude desert along with shaggy Bactrian Camels and a variety of adventure sports such as sand boarding, ATV rides, camel rides and Ziplines. The silvery sand dunes of Hunder are symbolic of the surreal beauty that can be seen in these parts.

Next, we visit Diskit Monastery - the oldest and largest Gompa in Nubra Valley - famous for its beautiful architecture, intricate frescos and profound wall paintings. Bask in the Buddhist vibrations of an ancient monument that tells of a peaceful and prophetic culture and admire the artwork that has adorned these walls for aeons.

Return to the warmth of our bonfire, lit for you to relax after a long day of travel. While you cocoon around the warm glow, you can reflect on your day’s adventure and consciously contemplate about your spiritual journey before you head for a nourishing dinner.

Relish a galaxy of captivating local Ladakhi delicacies prepared the traditional way or opt for familiar continental dishes at our multi-cuisine feast. The fresh, organic and wholesome taste is a result of our culinary experts and hand picked indigenous ingredients.

After dinner, you can opt to return to your cottage to turn in for the night or visit the cosy SunRoom for a movie screening with popcorn and hot and cold beverages. You can also request an outdoor screening under the bright stars of Nubra that make the stars on the screen even more brilliant, making your movie experience more enjoyable.

Have an early start to the day by continuing the mindful tea drinking practice at the Ladakhi Tea Station which shares a common set-up for Bird Watching. You can spot the exotic birds of Nubra Valley with the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars. The ambient sights, smells and sounds instil as much warmth and sweetness to your morning as the tea while the pure Himalayan air provides the perfect white canvas for this immersive experience.

Fuel the day’s adventure with a fine breakfast selection of Continental and Indian dishes. Join us for a hearty breakfast at our restaurant where you can find healthy & nourishing options to begin your day with.

Next, venture along the banks of Nubra River, considered to be a utopian haven of natural beauty and unparalleled serenity.

We drive you to Lohan Tso which is a short hike from the pristine Lohan Tso Lake. This is one of the natural wonders of Nubra Valley, as no one is sure how a freshwater lake can exist so high up. Experience the euphoria through an enlightening yoga session at one of the holiest high altitude lakes in Nubra valley, with a picturesque view, in the middle of nowhere. Stare through the crystal clear waters of the lake and leave a pile of seven stones on its banks to mark your visit as per the local tradition.

On the banks of this idyllic lake, you can spend time reflecting on the wonders of nature and also catch a glimpse of some interesting formations on nearby slopes. The right kind of eyes will be able to spot a small hidden monastery that is only visible from certain spots.

There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the hot, naturally mineral rich waters of the Panamik Hot Springs. It is sure to warm you up while replenishing your body with important nutrients that are said to be a cure for many ailments and imbalances. For anyone not used to the chilly climes of Ladah, the hot waters are truly an elixir.

Marinate yourself in the spring’s eternal magical healing waters as you enjoy pristine views all around and interact with locals and other tourists. Be sure to bring along a bathing satchel and a change of clothes as there are changing stalls, showers and other facilities present here for a comfortable dip.

You can extend your day trip to Ensa Monastery, which is buzzed with special energy. Sitting atop a majestic tall rock on the west bank of the Nubra River, you'll be taken aback by the magnificent age-old paintings made in the true Buddhist tradition and the panoramic views of the northern ridges.

Enjoy an exclusively curated High-Tea experience in the privacy of our valley meadows. Feast on a scrumptious packed picnic lunch while being surrounded by nothing other than the ambient sounds of nature & overlooking serene surroundings under azure skies.

Bask in the warm glow of our bonfire ritual at the end of the day or kindle your own in the privacy of your own cottage. You can reminisce, reflect on your spiritual experiences or revisit your enchantments before going in for a nourishing and wholesome dinner.

A wholesome buffet awaits you with a wide selection amongst Continental, Indian, and Ladakhi dishes at our restaurant. Enjoy slow eating where you savour each bite mindfully, and notice the flavours, textures, and sensations that arise.

Experience the vastness of the cosmos in Nubra Valley, where you can witness the Milky Way Galaxy with your own eyes. Guided meditation will take you on a journey through the infinite, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cosmic sky and forget about the stresses of daily life. It's a moment of pure escapism where you can get lost in the beauty and wonder of the universe.

Wake up in the lap of nature where the warm glory of sun, cool winds & scenic vistas enlightens your spirit. Begin your day with an aromatic tea as you sip it mindfully with the ambient sounds of birds chirping in your private cottage sit-out.

Absorb the serenity and stillness of Ladakh with a session of Yin Yoga at our resort as you enjoy infinite views of Nubra. From our vast expanses of meadows, you can admire undulating landscapes as our trained instructor finesses the finer aspects of this ancient practice that lies at the soul of the Himalayan experience.

Feast on a scrumptious breakfast assortment of local and international confection that will fuel your journey as you plan your departure. Watch the morning sunshine light up the valley as birds twitter and play in the vicinity of the resort before you bid us adieu.

You can also choose to visit the pristine Sumur Sand Dunes & soak in its immaculate vibe on your back from Lchang Nang. This secluded and private natural sanctuary has been a sacred space for the long journeys of slow travellers for centuries. A scenic takeaway as you bid adieu!

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