Sand Dunes Nubra Valley

February 15, 2023

Discover the ever-enchanting Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is located in Ladakh, a few hours north of Leh, and holds many surprises for its visitors. It is at the point where the two rivers, namely the Shyok and Nubra meet. The valley lies between the Karakoram ranges and the mighty Siachen glacier, separating the two.

The Tibetan name of this valley is ‘Dumra,’ which literally translates to “the valley of flowers.” Owing to the basin that is formed when the two rivers meet, the soil here is extremely fertile and well-suited for the growth of bushes, shrubs, and trees, making the scenery eclectic and mesmerizing.

Nubra Valley lies at an average altitude of about 10,000 ft. above sea level and has the highest motorable road in the world i.e. the Khardung La pass with an elevation of 18,380 ft. The valley is very famous with tourists for its various attractions including the Samstanling Buddhist Monastery, the Panamik Hot Springs, River Rafting, Trekking, and Sunbathing at the sand dunes of Hunder and Sumoor.


The famous dunes of Nubra Valley

Pondering over the word “desert,” one instantly imagines heaps of brown sand with scorching heat and single-humped camels but to its utter contrast, Sand dunes Nubra Valley present a completely different picture. The translucent dunes made up of rolling sands with a river nearby and snow-covered mountains in the distance put everyone in complete awe of the exquisite scenery, especially around Hunder and Sumoor.

The utter shock of beholding a desert at such high altitudes is surprising in itself. This picturesque landscape is a beauty to behold and makes one wonder about the magic of nature, especially in the evening, when the sun sets and its hues colour the sky crimson. Visiting these sand dunes juxtaposed with luscious greenery rejuvenates the mind, putting it at ease in an otherwise chaotic world.

Of the two sand dunes, the ones in Sumoor are more pristine and unspoiled. Here, one sees the immaculate beauty of the place while Hundur bustles with tourists and commercial activities. The Sumoor side of the valley is tranquil and fully embodies the legendary spirit of Nubra Valley. If you like to travel slowly and are looking for a serene and exclusive experience with the luxury of having the entire landscape uncluttered and all to yourself, Sumoor is the place to be.


The hidden gem of Nubra Valley – The Sumoor Sand Dunes

Most people who travel to Nubra are unaware of the hidden side of this natural wonderland.  If you are a seasoned traveller with an eye for hidden gems and a penchant for immersive experiences, the Sumoor side is well worth the visit.

This is the part of Nubra Valley that is off the beaten path and far from the madding crowd. It exemplifies the unique and surreal experience that Ladakh offers. From the sights of unusual landscapes and fascinating fauna to the sounds of nature calling out to you, the tiny village of Sumoor will enchant and mesmerize all who envision it in its purest form.


Best time to visit the sand dunes of Nubra Valley

Situated at high altitudes, Leh-Ladakh is closed to visitors during the winter season for safety purposes. Only a few places are open during this timeline, so one must plan to visit the place in the months of May to October. While May, June, July, and August are considered the peak tourist season, you can enjoy the best of facilities with full staff during these months. Later on, during September and October when the cold starts setting in, is unequivocally the best time to visit Leh-Ladakh and experience the place in its complete glory.


Places to stay in Nubra Valley

To accentuate your visit to this otherwise mystical place, you can consider staying at the Lchang Nang Retreat – The House of Trees. It is situated in the heart of the Nubra Valley and next to the Sumoor sand dunes. The resort has a variety of accommodation options to choose from, which are designed while keeping in mind the ethos of eco-living and sustainable development and are truly reflective of the local culture of Ladakh.

The resort curates the most exquisite experiences at the Sumoor sand dunes in Nubra Valley, such as Sundowner, Sunset Yoga, Stargazing Sessions, and more. It is undoubtedly a place for intimate celebrations amid total privacy and also a place to shut down the deafening noise of the hustle and bustle in your life and get in touch with your inner self. The beauty of these experiences is only magnified by the majestic surroundings of Nubra Valley where you can truly get one with nature.